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what is mtn customer care number in nigeria

MTN customer care number

Welcome, you must be looking for mtn customer care number in nigeria right? yeah, you’re in the right place because I have listed every possible means which you can use to contact MTN customer care

Have you ever tried calling the MTN customer care number before? If yes, did you notice their response time? Maybe not, but do you know the simple truth about calling MTN? Find out

MTN is one of the largest network communication providers connecting up to 69 million people in communities across the country. With that it may happen that you call at the same time as many other people, which means you will have to wait for the queue to reach your turn which will make you end up spending more minutes, hours or the whole day before responding.

At the end of this guide, I will provide not only MTN customer care number but also all the liable means which you can use to reach MTN customer care without wasting much effort

mtn customer care number for non MTN line

calling MTN customer care number

Whether you are an MTN customer or a non-MTN customer or you live outside the country (Nigeria) you can still contact MTN for any query with the following numbers

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Non MTN customer care number

  • 08031000180

Calling outside Nigeria

  • +2348031000180

MTN customer

  • 180

As I said earlier, there are some other easy ways which you can contact MTN customer care more easier than the phone call, just follow the below step

Contact MTN via Email

MTN email contact address

MTN has made it possible for you to reach them through email, with this method you spend less time waiting for a calling response and also save airtime charges.

Where is the email address below

Contact MTN via Facebook

Facebook MTN customer care

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media in the world with the largest monthly active user of over 2 billion people.

Knowing that people spend most of their time on Facebook has also made MTN to provide means of contacting them to Facebook, for a quicker and easier guy just follow the link below to take you to the contact page on Facebook

Contact MTN via Twitter

MTN Twitter contact

No doubt Twitter is also one of the most popular social media out there with a huge amount of monthly active users which is still growing.

Just as Facebook, people spend much of their time on Twitter, it could be either for fun, business or other purposes 

With this idea, MTN has come up with a contact page on Twitter which will make it possible for Twitter users to connect the customer care without leaving Twitter.

Here is the link to MTN customer care contact page below on Twitter

Contact MTN customer care via WhatsApp

MTN WhatsApp contact

WhatsApp is also one of the way and calling alternative which you can use to reach MTN customer care without waiting for a cue for response purpose

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Just add the following number to your WhatsApp to be able to contact them

  • 09033000001

But I recommend you do this instead. just follow the link below to take you to WhatsApp message box which you can use to contact MTN directly instead of saving the number on your phone

Contact MTN customer care via Instagram

MTN Instagram contact

No doubt you are aware what Instagram is, if not compare it to Facebook and Instagram, they all look similar but with different design.

 it is one of the most popular social media which is also used for personal and business purpose, here you can also contact MTN customer care without leaving The social Network

Just follow the link below so take you directly to MTN contact page on Instagram

Contact MTN customer care via MTN center

Here is one of the methods which some people prefer. Do you know any MTN centers around you? If so, it’s the best way to contact MTN customer care.

Just walk into the nearest MTN store or center, ask for MTN customer care and you will be directed to the person in charge. then you know what you went for right? make your statement or complain and they will be very much willing to respond and solve your problem instantly if possible

Other ways to reach out and solve problem on MTN

Have you heard of the MTN community? if not, MTN community is a place where people ask question and all the people who knows the answer to that question or problem voluntarily give answers to them

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You yourself can become a volunteer to answer questions which you know the answer perfectly.

So do you have any questions? Do you know the answers to questions? Why wait? why not try to help or look for help

Where is where to find the MTN community just follow the link below

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