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how to migrate from betatalk to mtn pulse

mtn pulse

I know you must have had about MTN pulse that is why you have come to learn more on how to migrate from betatalk to mtn pulse.

Thanks to MTN for the provision of many tariff plans like MTN pulse, MTN Beta talk and many others.

But in this guide, I will tell you all you need to know about the MTN pulse tariff plan which will include benefits, how to migrate and bonuses.

Let’s get started

What is MTN pulse tariff plan

MTN pulse is one of the best and cheapest tariff plans which allows you to enjoy a call flat rate at 11.26k/sec across all networks in Nigeria.

 But the first 90 seconds call of a day will be charged at 27k/sec on MTN pulse. With these amazing rates, you talk more, laugh more and spend less.

Before knowing how to migrate, let’s first talk about  the benefits of the MTN pulse tariff plan.

Benefits of MTN pulse tariff plan

  • Enjoy pulse points, you will be given a point when you make a voice call or select an active data bundle which in return it can be redeemed or exchanged for:
  • Data bundles
  • Nightlife bundle
  • TikTok, Instagram and YouTube bundle
  • Get pulse Tuesday offer, every Tuesday MTN pulse allows you to purchase data with great discount but remember this offer is only available on Tuesday.
  • Pulse nightlife bundles. this is one of the amazing offers, do you love browsing at night? if yes, style enjoying the below offer right away
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Enjoy 250MB for just N25 

Enjoy 500MB for just N50

You can also make purchase up to 2GB but remember it’s only available at night only

  • Get special social media Data offer
  • Get 350MB for Instagram TikTok and YouTube for only N100
  • Enjoy 1GB on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram for just N200
  • Campus Zone Offer, Are you in a high institution? If yes this offer is for you. You will be given the opportunity to enjoy a 100% data bonus whenever you make use of 100MB, 150MB and 200MB.
  • After spending up to N24.30 every day on your first 90 seconds call, you will then enjoy a flat call rate of 11.26k/sec across all network in Nigeria
  • Special data bundle offer
  • Get 3 days data plan at N300 for 750MB
  • Get weekly data plan at N500 for 1.5GB

How to migrate to MTN pulse plan

We have listed some easy method which can be used to migrate to MTN pulse below

How to migrate to MTN pulse via USSD code

  • Go to your phone call app
  • Dial *406*1# press ok or send 
  • Or dial this instead *123*2*2# click on send
  • Shortly you will receive a notification confirming that you’ve successfully migrated to MTN pulse

How to migrate to MTN pulse via text

It is still possible to migrate to MTN pulse using text message

  • Pick up your phone
  • Go to message app
  • Click on start new message or the + icon
  • Then text 406 to 131
  • After that you will be notified shortly confirming you have successfully migrated to MTN pulse
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How to migrate to MTN pulse via MTN mobile app

  • Login to your MTN mobile app
  • Don’t have the app?
  • Go to your preferred app downloader search for MTN mobile app
  • Download and install then open 
  • To sign up just enter your mobile number then an OTP will be sent to you shortly
  • Enter the OTP in the required box to complete the sign up
  • On your homepage click on your “current plan” 
  • After that click on “change plan” 
  • Locate MTN pulse and click on “view detail” 
  • Under the page, click on confirm migration
  • That’s all
  • You will receive a notification congratulation you have successfully migrated to MTN pulse

How to migrate to MTN pulse via MTN website 

This method is similar to the mobile app method, but for you not to get confused, let me just walk you through to the step

  • Go to MTN website
  • On the website you will be required to enter your phone number for an 

OTP request

  • After receiving the OTP, enter it in the provided space for confirmation, then you are automatically login
  • On your homepage, go to the top right corner and click on your name
  • Click on my plan
  • Click on other plans
  • Then select MTN pulse
  • You will receive a notification message confirming that you have successfully migrated to MTN pulse
  • That’s all

Note: you can also migrate to MTN pulse when you buy MTN pulse bundle, nightlife bundle and also MTN pulse social bundle

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Who can migrate to MTN pulse

who can migrate to MTN pulse

Before you start migrating, it’s a very good idea to know the people who can migrate to MTN pulse

No matter the tariff plan you are currently now, as long as you are an MTN customer you are eligible to migrate to MTN pulse

Charges for migrating to MTN pulse

Charges for MTN pulse

Migrating into MTN pulse is free of charge if only it is your first time to migrate after 30 days, but if occasionally you migrated more than once in the period of 30 days then charges will apply which will cost up to N102

Will I be charged for the access fee

No, MTN pulse is not like some other tariff plans, you will not be charged anything access fee


I hope you have seen that migrating to MTN pulse is as easy as A B C D right? Yeah but that is only if you follow the above step, you will be connected with no time. Just choose which method you prefer most and keep enjoying

We also provide a complete guide on how to migrate to MTN beta talk with an easy step.

On the top of this guide, i mention about MTN pulse points which will be given to you while making calls or using your data, Find more about that

If you have not yet link nin to your line, do that quickly and remember we have a complete guide and even video tutorials on how to link nin to MTN,   airtel,   9mobile   and   GLO  lines.