how to link nin to MTN line

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Many people like you ask this same question “how do I link my mtn line to my nin” . No more doubt, as a Nigerian citizen, the Nigerian communication commission NCC) has instructed all individuals to link their national identification number (NIN) to their owned SIM card.

Additionally they also said that if any individual fails to comply with the directive from the Nigerian communication commission (NCC), they will face a charge of SIM deactivation from their various network providers like, MTN, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE and GLO.

Just to follow the NCC instructions and directives, thanks to the network providers in Nigeria because they have made it easy for everyone to link their NIN with some easy steps.

Step 1

Just dial *785# with the exact line you want your NIN to link to, then an option message will pop up listing from 1 – 6 or more for you to select.
ignore the rest and just select “1” Which is submit visual NIN (VNIN).

Then another message will pop up telling you to submit your NIN, now here is the expected time. Submit your number in the required place and then click (ok) or (send) according to your device displayed message

But to make things easier, you can follow the below example to submit and link your NIN to your MTN line with just one click

Do this instead

Dial *785*Your NIN# from the phone number that you want to link. Then the phone number will be linked to your NIN automatically.

Congratulations, you have now linked your NIN to your MTN line.

But there may be an error message during the process, don’t worry I will address that issue after step 3 of this post.

Step 2

Download the national identification management commission (NIMC) Mobile app on your phone from your preferred app store, recommended Google Play store.

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After installing, open the NIMC app and just follow the screen direction for an easy way to sign up.

On your dashboard click on “link my numbers” then a page will appear for you to link your MTN number or any other line and network you wish to link your NIN to.

Congratulations, your number has been linked. They are easier steps ahead on how to link nin to mtn. Next step ?

Step 3

Visit the direct MTN website to link your NIN to your mobile number.

Link NIN to MTN website

In the website, just scroll down and locate the banner written “link my NIN” click on it.
you will be brought to a page which will be required to input your mobile number and other required details.

just follow up the page direction then your NIN will be successfully linked to your MTN line

You can also link NIN to mtn on NIMC website

NIN linking error message

I promised to address the issue of NIN linking error messages and now we have come to the point.

Just to make it clear and well understood, that error message is normal, yes it’s normal because it is not your fault, it’s not an error from your phone or device rather it’s from the service.

So whenever you encounter an error message during your number linking process, just keep on trying or wait for some time to retry
Hopefully it may work after some few minutes


After you have successfully linked any of your lines, do you think your line has been linked to your NIN immediately? No it has not.

Don’t worry about that, here is the fact, ” you have successfully done your part”.

To make it more clear, you are not the only one that wants to link your MTN number, other people are doing the same which means there are a lot of linking processes.

After linking your NIN, it undergoes some reviews to verify ownership. At this point all the linked NIN of other people will still undergo the same review process which makes the overall submission take longer than expected.

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So the earlier you link your phone number the better to avoid line disconnection.
You will also be sent a message after some time informing you that your NIN has been linked successfully, congratulation you have no further action required.

How to check or retrieve your NIN on MTN

  1. Simply dial *346# and then select from the appeared options, press 1 to retrieve your NIN, this process takes less than a minute to complete.
    Note, you will be charged #20 for NIN retrieval.
  2. To check your NIN without any changes, locate your NIN slip, you will find an 11 digit number at the top left corner of your slip on the second row.

Bonus offers on MTN for linked NIN

MTN offers airtime bonus to those whom have link NIN to their line and the same airtime bonus awaiting those who are yet to link their NIN to their lines

How to check my airtime bonus offer

You can check your bonus balance at any time by simply dialing *556# then scroll down after your main balance to see your bonus balance.

To go directly to your bonus offer without accessing your main balance, dial *559*64#

Bonus offers valid time

This bonus offer known as NIN Incentive Airtime Bonus is only valid for just 7 days after your NIN has been successfully linked.

Example: if your NIN was successfully linked to your line on 10th January, your bonus will be valid from 10th January – 17th January.

Note: do not forget that your unused bonus balance will not roll over. Once expired, it will be cleared off your account balance.

This bonus offer cannot be used to make international calls or sms, it cannot also perform share N sell, it cannot buy or purchase Data bundles.

Linking your Nin to your Mtn account is easy. Follow those simple steps above and you’ll be connected in no time.

Do you know what a national identification number (NIN) means for you as a Nigerian citizen?

Do you know the benefits of NIN enrollment?

Do you know the impact of NIN on your business?

Do you know who is eligible to enroll for a NIN?

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Let’s briefly discuss these questions

What is national identification number (NIN)

What is NIN

On every successful enrollment, each individual is assigned an 11 digit number.
These numbers are used to tie down all records of each individual on a database which makes it easy to establish or verify people’s identity.

Enrollment consists of capturing individual data such as, Demographic data, a passport, capturing of 10 fingerprints etc.

Note that any number assigned to person can never be given to another individual because the number is been assigned based on the above mentioned recorded data

You should always guide your NIN, avoid disclosing them in the public or social media except relevant authorities which may need it for some relevant information or verification.

Benefits of NIN

Just as your phone number is used to contact you, so your NIN is used to identify you

Benefits of NIN enrollment

Your NIN is made to be used for all transaction in Nigeria which includes the following:

  1. obtaining your National e-ID card
  2. travel (international passport application & acquisition)
  3. opening personal bank accounts
  4. getting your driver’s license
  5. obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card
  6. participating in the National Health Insurance Scheme
  7. payment of your taxes
  8. transactions related to your contributory pension scheme
  9. access to welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian Government
  10. transactions with social security implications
  11. land transactions subject to the Land Use Act
  12. any other transactions NIMC may so prescribe and list in the Federal Government Gazette

Who is eligible to enroll for a NIN

Every Nigerian citizen both legal residents are mandated to enroll for national identification number (NIN) including both adults and kids.

The enrolment process for kids is called minors enrollment and it has a separate process which must be held to

Note: the minors which are kids or children with not be issued with national identification card until the age of 16

Do you know how to link nin to airtel

Do you know how to link nin to Glo

Do you know how to link nin to 9mobile

It will be very important If you also learn how to link nin to those networks

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