how to link nin to glo phone number

link your nin
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Do you want to learn how to link your nin to your glo number? You have come to the right place. here, we will show you the easiest way to link nin to glo phone number and also tell you all you need to know about NIN

At the bottom of this post, we have a Bonus offer for you and all glo subscribers who have link nin to glo line or who is yet to link.

Have you heard about the Federal government ( FG ) updates about nin? Don’t miss out on this update because it contains all you need to know about nin to avoid regret. It will be address at the the bottom of this guide 

GLO have now bring out some short codes to help you and other glo subscribers register on link their nin so easily

Let’s get started

Method 1 (one)

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *109# then click on send or ok
  2. A message option will appear then select submission
  3. A box will appear with the space to enter your 11-digit nin
  4. After inputting your NIN just click on submit or send to complete the process

Note: this method is only for glo customers

To make it more easier, do this instead

There is an easier way to submit your nin to glo with USSD code without going through the above process, just one click you are done 🤗

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Just dial *109*your-nin# directly, for example: *109* 11144556778# then you will just click on send or ok to automatically link your NIN to Glo phone number.

I think that looks so easy right? But if not, consider the following methods below 👇

Method 2 (two)

This must be a very interesting way to link your nin to Glo without going through some technic

  • Just pick up your phone go to call app
  • Dial 109 and call
  • If asked, just select your preferred language and follow the voice call direction to update your NIN I mean link your nin through voice call

Don’t forget, 109 is only made for glo customer to call and not for other network

Method 3 (three)

Another simple method to link your NIN to glo phone number is through SMS, just follow the direction below to get connected with no time

  1. Pick up your phone and go to your message app
  2. Open the app and send SMS to 109 check below for example
  3. Text to “NIN to 109”, make sure to use capital letters for the text, do not use small letters be warned.
  4. For a quicker and better response text this instead
  5. “UPDATENIN NIN first name and last name” check the example below
  6. UPDATENIN 22235576644 James Johnson to 109
Link NIN with SMS

After sometime you’ll be notified that your nin has been successfully linked to your line

Method 4 (four)

  • visit this link
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your mobile number which you want to link nin to
  • Enter national identification number (NIN)
  • Re-enter national identification number (nin) again
  • Then click on submit, you can see the image sample below
  • You’ll be notified when your nin has been linked to your glo line
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link your nin

Method 5 (five)

NIMC mobile ID app is one of the best method which you can use to link nin to Glo line,  it is very very effective in terms of linking your nin, you can also link up to 20+ phone number with just one nin, to get started follow the below direction

  1. Open your app downloader recommended Google Play store
  2. Search for NIMC Mobile ID App, look at the preview of the app below
  3. Or just follow this link to take you directly to the app
  4. Open the app after downloading and installing
  5. You will be asked to set up a security pin for logging in and also do some nin verification
  6. When you are done setting up the app navigate to “link my numbers”  at the bottom
  7. Follow the required process and get connected
NIMC mobile ID app

Method 6 (six)

If you are still looking for extra ways to link nin to Glo line, then consider this method, it is one of the best way but you have to leave your home which many people will not prefer, but if it’s better for you then do it

  1. Just visit any nearest Glo center around your area
  2. Meet any staff and make your request
  3. You will be given a form to fill feel it and submit
  4. That’s all then your name will be link to your glo line automatically 

Bonus offers for GLO

Glo bonus offer

Do you know that you can get a bonus offer worth of #20,000 just for linking your nin to Glo line?

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That sounds like a surprise right? yeah it is, remember I promise to address about the bonus offer for NIN linkage and now it is time to talk about it

 make sure to read every piece of words here to know if you are eligible for the offer or not, now let’s get started

As mentioned above glo offers #20,000  to their subscribers on the following condition

Are you barred? or blocked from using glo service for making calls? if yes, you are in the right position to possess this offer

To make it clear

  1. The offer is only given to people who are already blocked from using glo service
  2. The offer will be given to you after linking your NIN
  3. You will receive the offer 1 hour after you have been unblocked
  4. You can access the offer bonus at your bonus account
  5. The validity of the offer will last only for 7 days after receiving the offer
  6. The bonus offer can be used to make calls, send text messages (SMS) and even browse the internet with the following rate: On-net – 36k/sec, Off-net – 36k/s, SMS-N4, Flexi Data Browsing – N10/MB.

Please note: offer is for all Glo customers who got barred (blocked) and submitted their NIN after 5th of April 2022

Do you operate with other networks like MTNairtel and  9mobile, we also have a complete guide on how to link nin to those mentioned networks.

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