how to link nin to airtel line

How to link nin to airtel
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The Federal government (FG) has mandated that every citizen of Nigeria including legal resident should enroll for national identification number (NIN) as been instructed by the Nigeria communication commission

It’s important to know how to link nin to airtel line because according to the directive of the Nigeria communication commission(NCC). They stated that any individual in Nigeria who fails to enroll for their nin or link their nin to their phone number will face network termination or network disconnection

Let’s get started on how to link nin to airtel with some easy and simple steps

what is national identification number (NIN)

Please Skip This section If you have the knowledge of what national identification number is, but if not continue reading without skipping any word to avoid missing the main fact.

nin consists of an 11 digit number being given to you on every successful enrollment on any MINC enrollment center, the 11 digit number is assigned to you based on your personal data like biometric data and other details which is recorded and stored in a database, nin clearly identify you as one of Nigerian citizen or legal resident.

Good news, upon the directive of the Federal government, thanks to our network provider which have made it easier for us to link our nin with the steps listed below

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Step one (1)

Go to your phone and dial *121# then press ok or send, a message option will then appear, select 1 for nin capture then press ok or send, at this point another message will appear with a box to insert you nin, just input your 11 digit nin and send then follow the directions accordingly for a successful submission.

Please note sometimes there will be an error message during your nin submission, don’t worry because it is simple to solve. if that occurs, keep on trying or wait for few minutes to retry

Step two (2)

You can link nin to airtel on airtel direct website, go to

Scroll down to a place where you will see “Enter Mobile/MiFi/Router/ODU number” then at the box below, enter your phone number. After that an OTP will be sent to your phone for confirmation, dial in the OTP and follow the website direction to link nin to airtel successfully.

Link nin on airtel website

Step three (3)

Here is another simple way on how to link nin to airtel

If you don’t want to follow the steps mentioned above just send SMS to 121 then wait for feedback,

Do you operate with MTN, we also provide complete guide on GLO and other network like 9mobile

How can i find my nin

For those who have not yet link nin to their lines, you can find your nin when you pickup your nin slip, check at the top left corner, there you will see 11 digit number, that is your nin number

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For those who have already link nin to their phone number, dial*346# then press ok or send, you will receive a pop up message with options to select, then press 1 for nin retrieval

nin retrieval

Is there charges for nin retrieval

The question is complicated because some network may charge for checking on nin but what about airtel, let’s find out

Good news, airtel makes it free of charge to retrieve your nin

How many numbers can I submit with one nin

Many people ask if there are allowed to link more than one line to their nin, the answer is “yes” you can link your nin to multiple phone number hence the numbers are yours and registered

Importance of nin to you

nin helps to identify accurate record or exact living or dead person in a country or region

Benefits and importance of nin

nin helps to keep the correct record of transaction or movement of a person within the country

  • nin helps to reduce the time which could have been used for proper investigation or verification of who you are to apply for any service
  • nin prevent us from fraud in a way which no one will claim to be you just to achieve his or her goal
  • With nin your time properly identify yourself abroad as one of Nigerian citizen without many documents
  • nin makes it easy to verify and track sender or receiver transaction if needed for security purpose

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