how to link nin to 9mobile

How to link nin to 9mobile
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In this article, you will learn how to link nin to 9mobile with some easy steps below.

While making calls on your 9mobile phone number, have you ever had a message requesting you to link your nin to your line? I know you have heard that many times that’s why you have come to learn how to link your nin to 9mobile phone number.

Note that it is no more a request rather it’s now mandatory for all Nigerian citizen operating in Nigeria to link nin to their line be it 9mobile, airtel, glo or MTN

The Federal government announced on 2022 that according to the directory of the Nigerian communication commission (NCC), they will be disconnection or network termination of all phone number which has not yet  been linked to their nin 

Since then we the individual have noticed that the Nigerian communication commission (NCC) have kept to what they said, many people are complaining of the phone number being blocked for not linking nin to their lines 


9mobile have made it very easy for you to link nin to your phone number, they have provided different simple ways to link nin with some few clicks, Now let get started

Step 1

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  1. Go to your phone call app and dial *200*8#
  2. Click on send or ok
  3. Wait for a message requesting you to fill in your 11 digit nin number
  4. Then input your 11 digit nin number and click on ok or send
  5. You will receive a message saying you have successfully link nin to 9mobile line
  6. If you received an error message during the process of linking your nin, keep on trying or it’s better to await for few minutes before trying it again
  7. When you receive a successful message, note that you have nothing else to do
  8. Congratulation to you

Step 2

9mobile website
  1. Go to
  2. You will be ask to submit your 9mobile phone number as seen above
  3. Enter your phone number on the given space and click on “Next”
  4. A message will be sent to your phone number to confirm if it is your line, it could be either link or code (OTP)
  5. Click on the link or submit the OTP to confirm your phone number
  6. Then a box with space to submit your details will appear
  7. Input your Name, Email address, 11 digit nin number on the provided space
  8. After that, just click on submit
  9. You will receive a notification on your screen confirming your success.
  10. You have no further action required
  11. Congratulation

Step 3

NIMC Mobile ID app

Here is another easy way to link nin to 9mobile phone number, just follow the below instructions to get connected with no time

  1. On your phone, go to your preferred app downloader, i suggest play store
  2. Search for “NIMC Mobile ID app”
  3. Here is the sample of the app below
  4. Or follow this link to automatically take you direct to the App
  5. Download and install the app
  6. Finished installing? Ok, open the app
  7. Scroll down a click on “link my numbers”
  8. Enter your mobile number on the space
  9. You will receive an OTP
  10. Submit the OTP for confirmation
  11. Enter your 11 digit nin number
  12. Then input your phone number
  13. Enter your email address
  14. Input your first and last name 
  15. Click on submit
  16. That’s all
  17. Your nin will link to your line automatically
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Do you operate on other networks? if yes, it’s important to also learn how to link nin to MTN, also Glo and Airtel lines

How to find your nin number?

  1. Dial *346# and click send
  2. You will receive a message options
  3. Select 1 for nin retrieval and click on send
  4. You will be shown your 11 digit nin on your phone screen

Please Note: this above method is only for those that have already linked nin to their phone number/lines.

But if you haven’t link nin to your phone number, the below method will help find your nin number with no stress

  1. Pick up your nin slip
  2. Look at the top left corner of the nin slip
  3. You will see 11 digit number there
  4. That is your nin number

What is nin slip

 nin slip is a temporal rectangular paper which has a white background writing with either green or black color that was given to you on your nimc enrollment, it contains some of basic information which is supposed to be on your national identification card (ID).

Despite being a temporary ID, it can be used to perform several actions which your national ID card does. It helps in verifying who you are and some other relevant information about you.

Are you a corporate customer?

Not bad, to link nin as a corporate customer, you have some requirements and things to provide for nin linkage

Provide this below

  1. Certificate for tax clearance
  2. In a CSV file, list your secondary nin with first and last name
  3. Authorisation letter from the corporate society
  4. Indemnity form
  5. CAC document
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For more information on how to link nin to 9mobile for corporate contact my mobile support.


I hope with the above method you have been able to find and link nin to 9mobile numbers with these easy step

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