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how to check your pulse points on mtn

How to check pulse points

It is very easy to check pulse points balance, on these guide i will tell you all you need to know about how to check your pulse points on mtn. But do you know the surprising thing about pulse points? Find out

Let’s talk about what pulse points is before talking about how to check pulse points balance, and benefits

What is pulse points

Pulse points allowed you to get an award offer for making transactions on the MTN pulse tariff plan, 

Do you know you can never run out of data by doing what you regularly do? Yes you can. Let’s find out

If you migrate to MTN pulse tariff plan, buy data bundles, make calls, transfer data or even transfer airtime through the MTN mobile app, you will be given a point as a reward offer which can be redeemed or exchanged for data.

 That sounds good right?

Remember you don’t have to do much to get the points offer, as long as you are still in MTN pulse tariff plan, you will keep on earning points if you continue performing the required transaction mentioned above.

So if you are not yet on MTN pulse, make sure to migrate to MTN pulse by following these steps

  • Just dial *406*1# or do this instead
  • Text 406 to 131
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Do you need more details? You can still check out our complete guide on how to migrate to MTN pulse with different easy methods

how to check your pulse points on mtn

It is very easy to check your pulse points, you just need to dial *406*7# to see your pulse points balance

How can i exchange or redeem my pulse points

You are free to redeem your pulse points at any time to buy a data bundle which you are eligible to. You can redeem your points by SMS or USSD code, or whatever you buy data as shown below

  • USSD code: just dial  *406*7# to redeem points
  • SMS: text the eligible data to 131 to redeem points
  • Buy data bundle: 
  • dial *131#
  • Enter on “1” for data plan
  • Select data bundle of your choice
  • Enter 4  to redeem promo code as shown on the image below
How to redeem pulse points

What to do to get the pulse points

There are many activities you can do to get the Pulse point, choose which one you prefer most below and start enjoying your pulse points

  • Make a voice call to get pulse points
  • Transfer data via MTN mobile app to get pulse points
  • Transfer airtime via MTN mobile app to get pulse points
  • Buy data bundles which include:
  • TikTok, Instagram and YouTube bundle
  • Monthly Data Bundle
  • Weekly Data Bundle
  • Daily Data Bundles

Note: you will not earn point if you activate a data bundle with the pulse points balance

Will I earn pulse points for making all calls

Yes but limited, why? For all pulse customers, you will be able to earn points if you make at least 5 minutes call, which means if your call is less than 5 minutes you will not earn any point

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How many pulse points will i get for 1 (one) call

Earning points through voice call is measured by 5 minutes per point, which means when you make a call for 5 minutes you will earn 1 point and when you make a call for 10 minutes you will earn 2 points. 

When do I receive the pulse point

You will instantly receive point at the end of your call and when it reaches 5 minutes, and you will be notified immediately after the point has been credited to your dedicated account

Can I use my pulse point to make calls

Making calls

No you can’t use your pulse point to make calls, but you can redeem it or use it to buy data

Note: if you have a bonus account, don’t forget that you will not earn point when you make call with other bonus account, you can only earn points if you make calls from your main account

Can I earn pulse points for receiving calls

No you cannot earn point for receiving calls rather you can earn point for making calls like

  • International calls
  • National calls which includes:
  • On-net calls
  • Off-net calls
  • Roaming calls

When will my pulse points expire

You have a lot of time to make use of your points. Good news, your pulse point will be valid for a whole one (1) year, which means if you earn a point on 1st January it will expire on 31st December. That sounds good right? Yeah I know it’s cool.

What happened to my pulse points if I migrate to another tariff plan

If you migrate out of MTN pulse to another MTN tariff plan, you will lose all your pulse points

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Can I transfer or gift my pulse point 

No, you cannot use your pulse points for data gifting and you cannot also transfer your pulse point to another person. This is because pulse point is made for you and it is not transferable.

Any more questions? contact MTN customer care. See the complete guide on how to contact MTN customer care with different method